Thursday, March 11, 2010

fucking with frogs

Dearest Sunday q.,

Do you think you are insecure because you date too much? Or that you date so much because you are insecure?

-Insecure2 in Irvine

hi insecure2 in irvine! haven't had a question in a while. i was wondering if there were anybody out there.

now to answer your obscure question...
what came first the insecure chicken or the insecure egg? i fucking don't know
. i know that i am a tad bit insecure, i'll admit it. 98% secure. 2% insecure. killer odds. but still insecure no less. no doubt, in doubt. within that 2% of insecurity lies, body issues, beauty issues, intelligent issues, all my other issues and last but not least men issues. so i am insecure about a ton of things not just friggin' dudes.

i date a lot, i like men. i was married for quite a while, and the mediocrity of marriage left me numb and socially retarded. now new at dating in my damned thirties i find myself not knowing what the hell i am doing and learning at the same time.
do i believe you have to fuck a lot of frogs to find a prince? i do. when casting for the most important role in your life you don't want just any joe shmo off the streets. you'd be stupid to pick the first guy who read for the part with out seeing the goods of the many others. so in conclusion i date a lot because i date a lot. and i'm insecure, just because, i am and i can be.


Monday, March 1, 2010

big pretty in pink lips

i kissed a different one the other night speckled by the romance of cold rain drops. him, a few inches shorter than me, i kissed him. he fit the moment. He fit all the instant criteria, i kissed him. i'll enjoy the moment. i know he won't last. neither will i. My kisses are meaningful and meaningless at the same time. so am i. i kiss him. i kiss with intent. i kiss with soul. i put my back into it. you want to know what i mean. two pretty in pink, soft, juicy petals sweetly aching for attractive human contact.
i haunt myself.

i'd want to kiss me. and i say that, in the most unconceited way possible.
i am so god damn kissable. i know it. you know it. fuck.
you're cute. let's kiss.
you're smart. let's kiss.
good dancer? let's dance and kiss.
and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss some more.
i kiss. i kiss. i lick. i kiss. i nibble. i bite. i kiss. i grab the back of your fucking head. i tug you, where i like, with my lips. i whisper some shit you've never heard before in your ear. then i lick it. from the bottom to the top. not in this particular order.
i's me. kissing is my religion. kissing my sanctuary and is with the right person in the right moment.
they think i'm too much.

she doesn't even know me. yet she kisses me this way.
little do they know i'm doing it for me.
truly it's not fucking you. it's fucking me.
so until i meet the right one who enjoys kissing as much as i do...i'll keep doing what i do best....meeting the wrong fucking guy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new direction

going in a new direction with this blog, with my life. the enormous need to vent and share and help has taken over me and i need to write again. let it all go again. this time in a good way. this time, more evolved.
i will still be accepting questions, sunday q. questions. i will answer them. send them to my email address. i sharing more. and i want you, my faithful blog follower, i want you to follow me.

i work in a mall. encapsulated mediocre materialism.

i have two jobs. one selling cosmetics and skin care. the other gig, selling couches and oversized bean bag chairs. both jobs sell my soul. fucking retail.
what do i want to do? makeup, special effects makeup. write. be a writer. buy my e-book so i can stop doing this other shit. quit the two jobs.

my down time, is full of men and adventure. i meet a lot of men. the ones who want to use me. the ones who want to be with the idea of me not the actual me. the ones who dump me because i am too nice. come the fuck on. really?

i devour them as they devour me and i find joy in receiving paper 'new castle' coasters from them with their imaginary dicks drawn on them. what does this mean? he can't possibly be the one. we both remain infinitely next.

he tells me i scare him as he flirts. i like the way he looks at me. he takes me to the bathroom autographs my neck with hickies. he rips my panties off, and i think for one split second, he might actually really like me.

he leaves without saying goodbye.

he's the last in a long list that does this. sticking around isn't in their d.n.a.

four first dates. no seconds. i call it, the first date curse. it's me, and them.
my sister says wait 3 months for a kiss. 6 months for poon. i need the physical compatibility on a first date. that's my problem. with each man, each date, i grow more detached, this is my strength.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

been a while...

Sunday Q.

What is the human existential condition?

to me and many others, the human existential condition, is stress. the stress that is laid upon us for simply being human. no one is satisfied anymore having nothing, when we lose what we have we freak out, when we should be happy to have one less thing to worry about. i personally would like to have less so my personal existential condition will be filled with less anxiety and more freedom, which is what are human existential condition should be. phew. my brain hurts. thanks for making me really think on that one. i needed that.

How does the human existential condition span time and space, race and gender?

as long as there are humans there will be stress, anxiety and despair, it is our way, no matter what time we are in, no matter what space we occupy, no matter what race and gender we are. some times, some spaces, some races and genders do have more stress, anxiety and despair. this is the only way i can answer this question at this time.

How can cyber messages (such as this) ameliorate the human existential condition?

the tender love and care of another human, who can identify and help, (such as me) can assist in fading those feelings of stress, anxiety and despair, so keep the the cyber messages a comin'.

how much do you believe in dreams ?

a lot. when i was younger my superstituous mother would make us take mental note of what we dreamed about. She used to tell us if we dreamed of blood or our teeth falling out that somebody close to us may die and crazy crap like that. so i've always been interested in what i've dreamed about, especially considering my dreams, I dream realistic, far fetched dreams every night. But do i believe in the superstitious shit my mom used to tell us, no. if i dream of blood or my teeth falling out now, i know my subconscious is just shaken up by stress (a.k.a. the human existential condition) or my own immortality. but i am always hopeful of a good dream as we all should be. dreams keep us aiming for what is beyond and above us, they keep us pushing to sky, and shooting past the stars.

What is your take on friends with benefits? Immoral? Fun? Plain wrong?

friends with benefits...not immoral, fun if done right. i think it can work as long as both people are on the same page. for me can't work...i get to emotionally invested and always want more.

I have been the cause of a few broken hearts.

i too would be the breaker of hearts, rather than the owner.

When ladies are getting eaten out do they prefer the tongue inside of them or just having their clit sucked on?

every woman is gentle and try for both places.

I want to start a pious foundation for my future, buy can't find the right woman. Where should I look?

concerts, coffee shops, grocery stores, women are every where, you just have to come up to us, a lot of us actually and i'm sure you'll find the right one.

What the hell are we doing on blogger? You need to be on the radio.

thanks love.

How can you know who can be counted on and who cannot?

you gotta put yourself and them out on a limb, and just count on them. When they let you down or flake then you know.

If a train leaves Chicago at 6:38 - nevermind!

how long will you indulge me in this?

as long as you have (good) questions.

do you have all of your teeth?

yes...all of them, ironically except for my wisdom teeth.

Do you believe that the tooth fairy still possesses some of my teeth?

yes. she uses some of them as currency.

has anyone else ever asked you about your teeth?

no...honestly, no one ever has.

has anyone else ever asked you about my teeth?

no...honestly, no one ever has. honestly.

What color socks do you think I should wear next Thursday and why?

lime green. just because.

If we went to a movie together would you expect me to pay?

sadly yes. i'm as broke as a joke currently.

What would you want to see?

whatever indie flick is out. i'm a fan.

Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask you?

no go for it. Never feel alone, ask away.

Who is your favorite poet?

hands down. Charles Bukowski!!!


Can you tell me what the understanding or meaning of the
phrase "Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies." is?
Would it mean someone does not want to tell you about
something you are asking?

It could easily pertain to that. It means, as long as my mouth is shut, it remains shut and no lies are able to come out.

Now I like the phrase "Speak ! -- so that I might see you."
Something like you can often tell more about a person
by their questions rather than their answers.

I think this question and answer thing can be very
telling -- even exciting -- and far more fun than you
might expect.

So let the flowering moments of your mind drop
their petals in speech -- be it answers or questions
or anything at all. Two mouths are better than one.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

live like helen keller

Is it weird that I like hand jobs better than blow jobs?

no. preference is preference. i've known alot of guys who haven't gotten decent hand jobs, and to them it's the most exciting newest shit ever. to them it's sliced bread. potato, potata we all like what we like.

You know how everyone says guys just want sex - do women just ever want to be eaten out and thats it and nothing else?

some women want that, i have wanted that in the past. sometimes we are hungry for it all...sometimes you just want a terrific fucking appetizer and that's it.


to answer your questions.

tip !: who you are, what you are, and what you shall become is all a state of mind.

What do girls like boys to smell like and why?

i like a boy to smell good in a cologney way or a little sweaty...i'm sure it's the pheromones...something beyond my control that attracts me to these scents.

graffiti is a right or a privilege?

a right. we live in a society where we are able to express ourselves in many ways, graffiti is one of the ways we do this. We have the right to...pursue our happiness.

ok... so i know this girl.. she is my guy friends ex girlfriend who he just had a baby with (but they broke up a couple months after the baby was born they have been broken up for about 3 months now)... we are attracted to each other... i know both her family and his family. Is it worth giving it a shot of a relationship?

i'm going to say no because there is baby involved. oh! and some hardcore baby daddy drama. avoid the drama and find another girl, son.

Q: What is the best way for a man to get laid in So-Cal?

the same way a unattractive girl gets laid, by being nice and giving good head.

ok, only one other person knows about this, so I'll bite. How weird is it that I fantasize about girls teasing me for having a small... you know? I think about asking whenever i'm being intimate with a girl, but always decide not to say anything, even though I'm 50/50 on whether or not they want to say something regarding it anyway.

fantasies aren't weird, that's why they are called fantasies. live like helen keller, “life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” no harm in asking.

how do you make an ex-wife less bitter? she cheated, i didn't. yet she is the one who is bitter after the divorce. help is appreciated.

you can't. that's why she's an ex-wife. time is on your side. time is the give yourself some...she needs some too.

be safe and LOVE!!!

usually out on a limb

What is your take on hate, and why? I always been fascinated by that. If anything, I don't believe that hate exists. Hate to me is just another part of love (only in darker, more cynical terms). Well, tell me what you think?

i think you hit the nail right on the head. 'you hate me because you ain't me is,' is a great way to understand intolerance. often people hate what they don't understand, from their ignorance, they hate things or people they can't pinpoint. sometimes people hate because they secretly want to be what they hate, homophobes for instance do that.

tip !: accept your intolerance, remain ignorant. so don't do it.

How do you know if a woman likes you are wants you to go the hell away? For example.. was at a party. girl and I were chatting, great conversation. Then she just bailed out. I heard later she wanted me to ask her out. Totally confused me.

okay...she wanted you to ask her out, but she had to bail, doesn't mean she wasn't feeling you the whole time. this has happened to me a million times, i've been at a club or at party vibing hard with a fella and then i have to bail, i drove with friends and i'm on their clock, or i have to get up early the next day, and i wonder as we are leaving why didn't that fella ask me out, i was like throwing myself at him. so my advice to you, is if you are vibing or feeling a lady, ask her out, then you'll know for sure if she wants you or wants you to go the hell away.

Sex question. I have been having dreams about giving hand jobs to guys. What the hell is that.. Am I gay?

you're not gay, your just having kind of a gay dream which is practically normal and between me and you and the world, it's a blast. why not live out your deepest, darkest, secret desires via your subconscious.

tip !: dream it up!!!

Hi, I do have a question that I'd like a woman's opinion about. I've recently started looking for and ABF/ANR relationship. Not as lovers or committed relationship just a friend that may enjoy nursing an adult man, either lactating or wishing to induce lactation. I've received a few answers from ads I've put in, joined a couple of ABF/ANR yahoo groups and such but so far no one that has answered seems real or serious.

So, my question to you... In your experience have you known many, or any women that would enjoy such a relationship? Just friends, but they enjoy the intimacy of nursing someone whether dry or trying to induce lactation?

I should mention I'm older, (fifties) married, good shape for my age, not interested in intercourse, just the intimacy of breastfeeding and suckling breast milk

I'm curious to know what a woman feels about this type of situation.


thank you for elaborating on what a a.b.f./a.n.r. is. i googled it and all i could find was: arkansas baptist foundation and american bar foundation/ affidavit (for) no records and americans (for) nonsmoker's rights, which are so not the right acronyms.

I'm gonna be so honest with you. I have never known a person first hand who has been into adult nursing. But I say to each their own...

i'm not sure how i'd feel about nursing a man who wasn't my man. so that might be your issue. it's such an intimate act to request of a woman who isn't yours. now you said you were married...what's wrong with testing out nursing on the good ol' wifey. who knows she might be down and it might be something to bring you two closer together, since it's evident that you are so straying. If that doesn't work keep looking elsewhere i'm sure you'll find somebody who's down. but I would mos def start that search in your bedroom. maybe your wifey is into some kinky shit too, this could open up a new dialogue and get things pumping at home again.

It starts with the word cheat. Look I don't know you but i think it makes sense to ask you. I been married 14 years and its come to the point where i find myself wanting to cheat. I don't have those strong feelings for my wife anymore. Is it wrong for me to feel this way. I'm lusting for someone new. Should I go through with it. I just want to taste the a new woman and hold her for one night will it be wrong are should I not do it. Please let me know.

well this decision is really up to you. sounds like you feel like every married person in america. i think you should talk to your wife about it. ask her if she feels like straying too. perhaps the two of you can do what my married friends did, and come to an agreement, make a deal, one night, you can have another lover. then everything is even and you can both equally get yours without too much pain or guilt. just an idea. hate for you to live your life man, and feel like you are missing out, because that would suck.

Do women really like performing oral sex, or are they just saying so because they know we love it?

here is me going out on a limb. i'm going to say yes, some women do enjoy it. satisfying a wiener with your mouth is hard work. satisfying anything with your mouth is hard work, so for the women out there who are just humoring dudes and doing it and secretly hating it i feel for you and between me and you and again everyone else, i understand your pain, especially when you are with a cat who likes to take his time. we all know we have to give to i'm sure there are a lot of women who do it because they want to be next and because their fella loves it.

What's the difference between a cute guy and a hot guy?

a cute guy is someone i want to kiss, and a hot guy is a guy i want to kiss me. cute is approachable, hot is not so approachable, practically intimidatingly handsome. hope that helps.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

thank god. literally and figuratively.

OK what are you thoughts on pickles?

love them, especially the warm doo-doo looking kind at the bodega.

Hello Q,
So my question is...Will I ever have an affair with my Wifes best friend's gal? I've been wanting her for a long time and had this desire to be with her sexually.

i am an answerer to questions, not a psychic. so to answer your question, yes. sorry best friend...sorry best friend that you have a best friend that wants to bang your wife.

how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

As much as woodchuck wants to fucking chuck.

OK here is my question. How come or why do women fall in love or start to like a guy when its a booty call all/most of the time?

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

fortunately and unfortunately we think with our coochies more. coochies and hoochies have feelings everybody knows that. sex is a physical adaption of love, some of us are more in tune with our parts then others. thank god.

glad to see an empathetic soul, that seems to realize that the stuff you use that toilet paper for, smells the same as anyone else' you hang you toilet paper inward or outward?

inward all the way, baby!

Ok, here's my question: have you ever been the cause of the end of a relationship that was good for you and how long did it take you to realize it?

i don't think i have ever done this. thank god. or maybe i have done it and still haven't realized what i have done. nevertheless, thank god.

attraction is fluid. sexuality is fluid. besides that people are wishy-washy. they go back and forth, they love what's not right, love what's wrong. who says this other kid is weak. He maybe stronger than any man on earth in the way she/he needs right now. You never know what somebody's thinking until you ask. Sounds like a hard motherfucking question, but I wouldn't ask her or him...if they are straying and you are not down with it..time for you to bail and leave it in the past and work on yourself.

Do maggots get drunk when eating alcoholics?

yes. especially if they are eating my body. just kidding.

Does penis size matter?

how i love this question. i will answer it with a tip. (pun intended.)

tip!: worried about your penis size, train your tongue to be eager.

I've been with this girl for over two years. I love her and am in live with her but we have many problems. One of the biggest is that when we broke up last year we were apart for a couple of months and within those couple of months I was with someone else. I wouldn't call it a one night stand but it wasn't anything more than just sex.
Before I decided to go for it the last thing she had told me was that she didn't want to be with me that she could never be with me and that she couldn't even stay friends. I probably should have waited but I was lonely, I had no friends and the reason was because our relationship drove them away. I chose her over the little friends that I had and when we split i had no one.
So this all passed and we started talking and as soon as she gave me hope again I stopped talking to that person I had slept with and I didn't ever plan to tell her. So of course she found out and we tried to work things out and it's been over a year and she still brings it up and holds it against me. She also brings up the fact that she was Korean Hawaiian which is exotic and all I ever dated before I met her and thinks I'm not attracted to her because in her eyes she's average and this girl wasn't. I believe that has a lot to do with why she hasn't gotten over it.

Anyway, my question to you is will she ever get over it and stop holding it against me and bringing it up or will she never forget, never forgive, and will it haunt our relationship and ultimately and inevitably lead to it's demise?

Sent from my iPod

first of all i am amazed by the capabilities of your ipod. i can't believe you typed all this with one of those. as a long time virgin mobile user, (yes i have a plan, and i'm not an avid phone talker) i'm throughly impressed.

now to answer your question, your gal sounds really insecure, this is holding her and your relationship back. some shit is hard for people to get over and you never know what is going to be that thing that you can't get over. this maybe hers, she feels betrayed on so many levels, and her insecurity is fucking with her. as long as she is insecure about herself, your 'on break' activity will haunt her. it will lead to your relationship's demise, because she is allowing it via her insecurity. granted what you did in her mind sucks although you were just trying to do you (literally and figuratively) for a minute which is fine, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes to heal.

dude, this is what it is, you may have to let her go to set yourself free. you are dealing with her demons, not yours, every time she gets insecure about this other exotic chick. sounds like your girl isn't gonna stop bringing your tropical mistake up anytime soon. also, sounds like you are already doubting your girl and your relationship by writing this heart filled question with an ipod. i think you should let your girl go especially if she won't let go of what you did. who wants to live in misery with the person who is causing a portion of it.

in closing, i'm an exotic girl and we can't help but to rock.

A question pertaining to my personal life. I try to ask my female friends this, but why are women so difficult at times. In general. My last gf, I was with her for a few years but in the end she would start fights for no reason. I assumed it was cause she wanted out . but hell why not just say that. Instead of causing drama and fights that weren't necessary. I mean it could've been an easy break, but "NO" it has to be drama. And I've had problems with other women too, not relationship wise but when there was something wrong they start arguing about some crap completely unrelated... I don't think its all women, but I think its most of the women that I've met. Anyway any response would be welcome.

women. women are hormonal. big, throbbing, pretty hormones. the end. i had a girlfriend who would get into a huge fight with her boyfriend the week before her period started, like clock work this would happen. he'd say something to trigger her, and ding, ding, ding, the fight was on. i have cried at commercials I didn't want to simply because my rag was on it's way. All women are different though, and again communication is key. A little honey on a wound never hurt anybody. well maybe if it's a literal wound honey wouldn't help, it might infect it, but figuratively if any of your ladies mean anything to you, i'd try it. we all channel what is eating us differently. i think you should inquire, dig a little, maybe it's something else. try, “honey what's going on with you? you seem on edge. wanna talk,” that's a lovely can of worms to get to the bottom of what is going on.

maybe you are subconsciously attracted to dramatic women. it's not always the big, throbbing, pretty hormones fault.

why would a woman who has a fantastic man, though flawed as normal humans are, decide to go with a weaker option?
even though the two have the same flaws?

attraction is fluid. sexuality is fluid. besides that people are wishy-washy. they go back and forth, they love what's not right, love what's wrong. who says this other kid is weak. He maybe stronger than any man on earth in the way she/he needs right now. You never know what somebody's thinking until you ask. Sounds like a hard motherfucking question, but I wouldn't ask her or him...if they are straying and you are not down with it..time for you to bail and leave it in the past and work on yourself.


Monday, April 6, 2009

me to you, you to me

a poem to me...
a fun one and a warm one.

(the fun poem.)

If superficialness was a person

It would be a cadaver with

Two dimensional sight

A nose for smelling money

And a mouth to mumble and stutter

Incompetent questions and useless information

(the warm one.)

The cold of winters eve

Leaves the body cold

And the heart yearning for warmth

The one true warmth of this earth

That of a single kiss

aww...the wittines and kindnes of this act has left me smiling and speechless. i hope i am not the cadaver.

S.Q. What is your greatest motivator in your life currently?

currently my pocketbook, which is totally in the double digits...only like cents in there. secondly helping people, helping myself.

Do you prefer passion or dedication from a lover?

do i have to choose. passion seems to fade. so i supposse if i had to choose i would prefer a more dedicated lover in the long run. for the record, i'd love to have both.

Do u think a sexual relationship can lead to a meaningful, long term, committed relationship?

yes i do. in my case almost every relationship i have ever been in began as a sexual relationship. through talking and growth, most of those relationships turned into meaningful, long term committed relationships. Considering what your version of long term is, i do think that it's possible, for me it's anywhere to 3 months to about 8 years (my longest.) i think communication, as usual, is key. find out what your partner wants, be realistic about what you want, and meet half way if possible. sex, no matter how carnal or one dimensional, is a physical adaption of love anyhow. And the potential of any kind of love is limitless.

What is sunday q doing today .... without me?

writing and believe it or not, taking a very well needed break from babysitting, it's spring break, my sis' kids are over, right now they are napping.

When you're in a relationship with someone, how long before they can invite other partners into the bedroom together?

whether it is them or you doing the inviting the timing is up to both of you. that discussion, that conversation needs to be had between you two and after that, you can have other partners in the bedroom in a matter of minutes if that's what you two want.

what are your fetishes?

shiny shoes. my dad used to be in the military, used to always shine his shoes, i grow up i shine my shoes. in fact, there is picture of me as a baby watching him shine his shoes. the smell of shoe polish is deliciously intoxicating to me. the sight of a self shined shoe especially on a civilian sends me into a carnal whirlwind. shiny shoes say a lot about a man, even more about a woman. shiny shoes.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

wolves and sheeps

Love you Sunday Q. You're scary-smart... and that's a tremendous compliment because you mix in such a calm sensuality. I love to kiss.... Do you ever rent out your lips?

thank you love. that'll be a no.

Do you think a NSA (No Strings Attached) relationship outside of marriage is impossible while still maintaining the foundation of the marriage?

i think it can work if you are honest with your spouse. she has to be down with this whole idea too. You can't leave her out of something that is affecting her shit. you are putting her 'gina, her health, mental and physical, in jeopardy. i think lying to your loved one, keeping secrets is the quickest way to end any kind of relationship. trust is everything. trust is all we have. if she's in, then only then can it possibly work. she might want a little NSA action on the side too, she may want to have the opportunity to have some extra frosting on her cake, if you know what i mean. so, give your misses the option to get some different butter on her bread too. her getting some can also help this situation succeed.

and if she is down, marry this woman, wait, unless you are already married to her, then keep her, hold it down with this ball and chain, she is magnificently understanding and experimental, which is an odd lovely mix that is very hard to find, out here in this world of selfish close-minded wolves. if she is that kind of broad, and she is allowed to get hers as well, than your NSA outside relationship might actually strengthen your marriage.

tip !: if she's not down, she's not down!

Do you like dark, handsome, strong, muscular, beautifully endowed Italian men?

yes please, who ever doesn't, is a lie a damn lie!

OK... what are next weeks lucky lotto numbers?

12, 24, 29, 36, 41, mega number: 8

(disclaimer: if anyone ever wins from these numbers from this date forth, they are legally obligated to throw 1 million dollars my way.)

Why are most women materialistic?

not me. other women are materialistic because that is what they are spoon fed at home, from parents, music videos, puffy and the beckHams. that bitch bar-bie and her lousy physical dimensions, and her pink dream house and her pink corvette and her also pink accessory, gay husband ken, has all taught us nothing and everything about today and tomorrow's society. we are taught, instilled from a very young age, this is 'shit is what we need to be happy', then women seek it out through titty implants and your pocketbook. simple.

We, women are just trying to get like the ex girl. Be better than the ex-girl. it gets expensive for a girl to keep up. i'm sure fellas out there feel the strain in their own (materialistic) way. we are just vibing with what the universe gives us, and with what we've learned. what's your excuse? dudes created this whole system for us to configure ourselves in.

why do nice guy's finish last?

nice guys don't take the same chances that bold assholes do. bold assholes created bungee jumping and energy drinks that taste like bad coffee. they keep girls gone wild commercials on the air during adult swim. i'm sorry guy, who can compete with fearless, horny, cocky, suck-cessful, sometimes good looking, good lucking, caffeinated jerk offs. nobody. that's who.

unfortunately we have also been brain washed that some of that shit is sexy. Thank you mr. mcconaughey. thank you.

why do assholes always get the pretty girls?

please see above response, my love.

why does a pretty girl never give a normal guy the time of day?

i do. here is the truth though homie. some of you are just as douchy. you have your baggage matching us pound for pound and you want more than we can give. martha stewart in heather hunter's body, a feat unaccomplished by both of those strong powerhouse bunnies. lady in the streets, freaks in the bed. no such thing. streaks of what we really are bleed all over the place. the more you mask, the more you are what you are. the universe doesn't work that way. she'd never work in our favor in this way. then, us fair, sensible, sweet intelligent gals wonder, 'what the fuck is the difference?'

we realize, 'we can do better,' even though we can't, because romance isn't up to you, 85% percent of the time, you end up with who you are supposed to end up with, and instead of chin checking your fella with your observations, so he/you can grow, with the dream of you two trashing your baggage together, so you can actually grow together you dump his ass before he can do it to you.

is there really a difference than between, sheeps and wolves? we are all carbon based life forms at the end of the day, one thinks they are above, the other thinks it is below. one needs meat. one is meat. we all take turns being the victor, the victim. they both prey on each other in their own sick ways and with disgusting rituals. and who always ends up hopeful with the lesser of the two evils? me. this ex fella, this next fella does me just as dirty, uncontrollably, as if he didn't have a choice, doesn't matter if he's a good guy or bad guy. and i can't tell who is who anymore. who is what? sometimes i am the wolf. the starving, snarling wolf. tired of being the victim, tired of being a sheep. i become what i am not, purely for my own mental and physical survival/

all I can do is define what i want. redefine what i want. work on myself and throw that into the universe. i suggest you do the same my love. i say follow your gut, make your life as happy as a single ace card can and prepare yourself, be prepared for everything, especially the inevitable, because it's coming.

why is a man judged by what he wears?

please see the 'Why are most women materialistic?' answer, above. the doper he looks the more we think he'll take care of us dopely. Most women think this before, they think, 'he is conceited.' or 'he takes good care of himself.' it's seeded in our subconscious, with barb's pink corvette. just another way for saying we are all superficial. All trained.

most guys i know that have nice things really have nothing.... most guys who are ballers are really struggling, most guys who wine and dine categorize their women like if they were objects.......ok...just sitting here killing a lil time)

well there you are. literally and figuratively.

what's your favorite panty color please ;)

i'm a purist...could go with black or white all day, every day.

How is it that gay guys hook up like crazy on websites like Craig's List and OK Cupid...and every post those sights with girls wanting to hook up with dudes or date is a fake? Almost always sending me to another dating web site.

don't know man. you should sign up for a paid sites. there is way less of that in their 'pay to love' world. free sites, (i love them to death) are unfortunately filled to the brim with junk. how many times have i put ads on those sites you mentioned only to get real estate, penis enlargement links in my box? figuratively, not literally of course. it happens. part of the game. these games of our times.

if you are looking to just hook up homie, maybe you should occasionally switch lanes, teams, if you know what I mean. gays please show us how it's done...again. lead us.

have you ever been addicted to heroin? would you be willing to help my kick?

never been addicted to heroine. have this natural anxiety, this fear of needles. don't like to be 'out of control high' ever, no matter how beautiful or cleansing, the blue line euphoria of harsh drugs are. i want to help you kick this habit, that's all it is love, a habit that is just as beautiful, cleansing and euphoric to kick. i found this website for you:

it'll link you to free programs in your area. to be honest with you though some states have better programs than others. you may have to move to get the help you need and deserve.

keep me posted.

tip !: love yourself how you need to be loved and never go wrong.

tip !: can't spell heroine, without hero.

love you!!! you can do this!!! be my hero!

I actually had a couple of Qs for you.

I've had some self-esteem issues and self-confidence issues growing up. Of course, I used to be a bigger, fat, overly-creepy nice guy. But I made some changes. However, I'm always open to opinions. Do you think I'm a good-looking guy, in your opinion?(picture, i refuse to post, of a beefy adorable, shaved bald, hershey chocolate black guy with guns to the gun show biceps; worth dying for.)
I also live at home, which has been my reason for not seriously pursuing anyone in a relationship capacity. I work full-time and go to grad school part-time for my master's degree in electrical engineering. Do you think I should seriously hold off on dating or put myself out there and hope for the best, in your opinion?
By the way, cute pic! Love the lips. ;)

thanks darling. i think you are a dream man. a dream man. a diamond in the buff, a gem. come to mama. i think you should be out there. dive yourself into dating fields. define your taste so when you meet miss right, you'll now what to do with her in an assertive, respectful manner. you are yummy and you are over qualified to be anyone's man booming with terrific plus signs in all of your sweet fields. i think the only quality you are lacking in is confidence. lucky for you it is easy to score.

i too have lacked there, we all have and guess what you are going to do what i did to overcome your one negative trait. Fuck it til you make it. i mean, fake it til you make it. own who you are. you are delicious and go from there.

i think you are darling and a real woman could care less who you live with if she is really into you. as long as the fam is not over the top annoying or all in your business or something.

good luck....

i think you are catch!

tip!: rock it out! Cause if you don't no one will ever do it for you!

Why would a woman tell you she wants to take it slow but then dump you because you didn't kiss her on the first date? I have no problem being assertive but I was also raised to respect woman. So is she crazy or is this a trick that women use to mess with men and keep them on their toes?

no. this woman is a mess. i'm sure there are some crazy chapters missing from her crazy story. she doesn't know what she wants. i think kissing on the first date is pretty crucial. thank you mr. woody allen for this lesson in one of my favorite movies annie hall. i don't want to waste anyone's time, especially mine, and i always want to make sure that chemistry is present before heading off and wasting dough, lip gloss or hair styling ideas on date number two. I think we should all be getting to first base on date numero uno. You my friend should most definitely be doing the same, considering it sounds like you are the respectful fella who wants lip action on your inaugural date.

tip!: you set the rules too!

you're going dancing in the desert under the moon tonight, what will you be wearing?

this...(please see attached photo for this blog entry.)

barefoot of course

And do you like fast dances or slow dances?

both, depends on who i am dancing with and our strengths together as a dancing entity and what we are dancing to.

Hablas espanol? (Yo si.)

muy pequeno.

AND how did you get to be so wise?

lots of life experience. lots of laughs, jokes, clowns. lots of hurt, heart break, tears. lots of looking, absorbing. none of that in that order.

And what about this idea that we all create new families every where we go? What about that? Does that mean that you're my sister?

yes bro i'm yo sis. everywhere we go it is our duty as humans to create a sense of community. a sense of home. it's what we do.

I love curves. Love curves!

Me too Bro!! On the road. I have them, it is also a lovely establishment.

How often should one consult Tarot, I-Ching, & the Magic Eightball?

How ever many time one sees fit for guidance. Especially if any of those psychic channels proves itself worthy of working. Let it be known, a magic eight-ball never hurt anybody, it is my personal favorite.

Are you white or black? The one photo is a close up of a neck - pretty hot. The other is of a cute black chick dancing. Which one?

i'm noticing some slight bigotry on your part dude. and that's my artsy-farsty, hippy dippy side talking. the 'close up' of my neck/lip picture, has left my race unrecognizable. sort of the point. i'm pretty hot when you think I'm white, white chick with fat lips = hot. i am modestly attractive. cute. when you refer to me as the black chick dancing.

i am a light skinned black woman. red boned. thick. soft. athletic. curvy. dark and hard in spirit. i am beautiful in the most un-conceited way possible. we should all be so lucky. to be cultured, and ourselves and not lose ourselves. it's a hard mix. i look damn good in whatever skins i'm in.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

invincible wound

If I were to tap you on the shoulder and ask,"Do you have a beau?", you would reply...

i would say, "******."

If I were to ask "Whatcha' going to do when you get out of jail?", you would say...

"i'm gonna have some fun, what do you consider fun? fun natural fun..."

How do I know that I should commit my life to this one? Cheers.

go with your feelings. follow your gut...
and when in doubt make a pro-con list.
go with whatever list is the shortest.

Could you tell me a good way to approach women, or at least what gets your attention.

call me old school but i think a clever way to approach the lay-days, and/or me is to give a awkward / genuine fashion complement.

try, "your sweater is beautiful...on you."
please let me know if that works.

Q: I simply love the new prez! What do you think.... is it time for a change?

hell yes, i do think this country and every single one of us is far overdue from some positive, brand new change in our lives.

You see a man at the store he has fresh fish, wild rice, green beans and lots of veggies for a salad. He is in the wine section and tells you he needs to find a good wine to go with his meal because he is cooking for his mother as a birthday surprise, because she can't go out due to a recent surgery on her hip. What kind of wine do you recommend he get?

well, first of all what a wonderful, deliciously sweet way to pic up a broad!!! also dude who asked the, 'Could you tell me a good way to approach women, or at least what gets your attention,' question use this cat's question as an approach. it's fucking flawless.
aw!! so friggin' good!!!
okay, okay, i'm calming myself!
i would recommend a red wine. you're gonna want to get mom a little tipsy to ease her sore hip and her achy body into a deep slumber. ravenswood is my favorite red when i have dough to spare, from $6-$15 a bottle, ravenswood's 2004 sonoma mountain wine pickberry, is my favorite when i have mad bones to waste, which is about $40 a bottle. two buck chuck (charles shaw from trader joes) is my favorite when my pocketbook is hurting, which you guessed is only $2 a bottle. all of these red's are full flavored, not bitter, and have a oakey bouquet. only let ma' have a few glasses because i'm sure she's got some dynamite pain killers.
happy birthday ma and happy healing!

A little knowledge test, why is Chicago called the windy city?

chicago, is called the 'windy city' for a number of reasons, here is one.
it is windy there. the tall buildings there suck the breeze down into the streets in a marvelous way, leaving the city perpetual wind filled.

Does your vagina fart like an ass-hole when you are being penetrated with a penis?

It is the GROSSEST thing I have ever heard to hear a woman's vagina fart while I am making love to her.

I loose my erection instantly!

who's doesn't? this a natural occurrence. no woman's vag is queef-less. get over it if you want to continue penetrating species of the opposite sex. this sound is sweet music and you know it prophet.

Well, thanks for the response. Most people don't even answer me. They are so used to b.s. that my open honesty freaks them out or something. I think that from what I can see you are way fine and that probably intimidates a lot of guys. Unlike most hot young women you actually have a brain and an imagination that extends well beyond the mall and the pipe! I suspect you would be way cool to know well. I am a nice guy and would hit on you for sure if I wasn't 800 miles away and old enough to be your dad. At least we have given each other something to think about. Be well Angel.

i thank you. i thank you. and i shall be well. dito.

What is it like to have the sexual power that young, beautiful women possess?

it's like being an invincible wound.

whats your view of 9/11? think terrorists... or our government, did it...

i think both played their dirty roles. in a very what came first the chicken or the egg way...and yes, i am trying to be as vague as possible.

Sunday!! How cool!! What a neat name you have.. i like!!
If i ever have kids, names for boys i have are:
Thunderstar, Iko and Meegler, naw hah just joshing ya,
except for the name 'Thunderstar' that is a real winner!!
Names for girls: Arial, Serene, Quigley, ha naw jus' being dumb!!!

Who won the superbowl in 1978?

the dallas cowboys defeated the denver broncos, 27-10, in super bowl XII in 1978. next question.

A blonde is showing off her new tattoo of a seashell on her inner thigh.

Her friends ask her why she would get such a tattoo and in that location.
She responds "It's really cool. If you put your ear up against it, you can smell the ocean."

oh you...that's funny...kind of. my mom, Lo, has a similiar joke...
what did the blind man say to the people kicking it in front of the fish store?
hello lay-days!!!

okay all that aside. i'm so friggin' tired of vaginas-smell-like-fish-taco jokes. vaginas smell like all sorts of things, roast beef sandwiches, daiseys, vinegar and water. mine is scented like the last day of spring, aka summer's eve.
i'm over these jokes! how can women, all of us, all over the world, how can all of our areas smell exactly the same. it's pure b.s.
i mean, i have been in the presence of balls that smell like all sorts of things: burnt tires, sweaty gym shoes and my all time favorite, plums. let's stop perpetuating the vagina-fish jokes, and decide what most balls smell like. then we'll overload the galaxy with "men's-balls-smell-like-blank jokes, leaving men insecure with their not-so-fresh-feeling meat balls and once masculine hygiene products flood the market...we'll be somewhat even. somewhat...phew, i'm glad i got that out!

What is your most treasured find from a thrift store?

a burgundy, light greyish green and black homemade crocheted poncho; seen as ugly to most on-lookers, (otherwise known as HATERS!) i love this thing, with all my heart. I found this gem at the 'bins' thrift warehouse in portland. it was soggy and wet, at the ass-bottom of a bin, kind of like a new born in a trash can, and as soon as i saw it, i knew i wanted it to call me mama forever, ever amen.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

somebody just called me: Little Miss Knows Alot

So, Little Miss Knows Alot: If it's your first night a fight club, what do you have to do?

you have to friggin' fight. i'm paraphrasing.

Do people really like walks on the beach? Always been my experience that its too windy.. Usually cold.. Sand in the shoes.. and you always seem too come home with a pocket full of shells that you never use for anything ( if you manage too remember them before they hit the washer)...

you are a shell snagger too. i think the concept of a walk on the beach is lovely. without the sand and wasted sea shells. with all that aside nothing puts everything in perspective like a walk on the beach. nothing clears my head like a few hours with ocean.

why are people soo fake nowdays? my input... they try too be like everyone else.. but yet try too be unique... cant have both...

people are fake because being real is so hard. it's not so easy to just be yourself...when you don't know who you are. i think a lot of people haven't figured out their interiors...yet. it's simple to just fall in line, and act how you think people think you should.

the hardest thing for me to do in my life besides realizing who i really am was to own it. own myself and just rock that despite whatever anyone thinks. and somehow i've been blessed enough to have people in my life who real get me and honor that value.

what are chemtrails? and why do they spray them over populated areas?

chemtrails are bio-agents, toxic chemicals that are sprayed on us at high altitudes by big government...the purpose of why they spray us is undisclosed.

here is my conspiracy theory: i think they (big governement) spray us, especially over populated areas, to keep us sick...the common cold, cancer, asthma, erectile dysfunction. we keep the medical industry booming through our illness, which keeps the economy going. so in some odd way they think they are helping us. meanwhile we don't know how or why we get sick.

also the chemtrails, are a visual banner of what they represent: they are powerful, we are powerless. controlling us by doing whatever they want, from above...and there is not a damn thing we can do about.

where do you see the world in 20 years? my answer.... ask a kindergarten teacher...

right now the future is so uncertain, so i don't see much. i hope we have flying cars by then. we better fucking have them by then, or i will be totally be pissed.

i'd like to see a euphoric world, somewhere in between burning man and a yogi style culture. i hope i can still get a burger. i want to see a free, om-like world, where we don't worship celebritites so hard. where peace and love is everyone's virtue. the world john lennon and yoko wanted. i hope the air is still good, i hope our earth is still green and spacious. i hope there is still hope. i hope.

Why are your lips so pretty and juicy?

thanks for the complement. appreciate it!!! i inherited them from my ma and pa. they both have some dynamite lip coolers as well.

tip: when you are brushing your teeth, use your tooothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips. it makes them smooth, juicier and it gives them a darling, blushed, i-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle look.

Q1: Ever gone rock climbing?


Q2: Ever been interested in rock climbing?

yes. very.

Seriously why do they make pot hole covers round?

not sure. i guess anyone can ease themselves into a round hole easier than a square hole or a triangle hole. did you just read that as?.......hope is nowhere or hope is now here!?

i read it as: hope is no where.

i hope that doesn't mean i'm like a natural pessimist or something. honestly the glass is half full...sometimes.

What designers clothes best fit your sense of style?

the thrift shop and american aparrel...sometimes i'll buy an occassional sweater at the gap or H & M...simple and vintage taste.

What is the best prop/gum/pill/sex/etc that you can use to quote smoking? I am on about 10 days now, but I do take chantix I have not smoked. This is not a magical pill that makes you instantly not addicted...just helps. Lately, I have been exercising a lot (every day) to reduce the quitting stress. Anyway just wanted your experienced thoughts.

I think sex, exercising and a fag (cigarette) journal are you best bets to kicking your happy. i also think weening yourself off is also a good route. that's how i quit years ago. i'd document in the journal how many fags i smoked, note my progress...get out all of my cravings thoughts out of my system out, one word at a time, one day at a time. i think you are taking the correct routes.

This is kind of an odd question but I seem so get weird responses from various females. Do women not like anal sex, or does it depend on the size of the penis being used? The signals are mixed. The ones who claim they would never try it seem to be the most against it. I guess I do not understand that. I just want a female's perspective on the issue.

here is my perspective on anal. every woman is different. feel every woman with the concept if you guys have a trusting, open minded relationship, you should be able to try anything. the world is yours.

size matters especially. for anal...ironically the smaller the better. lots of lube is important, but not as important as the trust of the people doing the analizing. (get it? like analyzing but...okay whatever...) most women won't say they do it...there is like a big fat slut-stigma attached to enjoying it, even if you only get it up the butt every other leap year.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

obama and vaginal fitness are next to godliness...there i said it. you knew that already though.

What is the man's name who is known for ending the civil war ?

The war ended when Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant signed their surrender terms. Two men ended the war...

Wrong !!! After the signing of that surrender, Ulysses S. Grant asked 1 of his officers to go out of the tent and order the cease fire. Maj Macron from Paterson NJ was that person, and is credited for being the man that ended the civil war.

damn, i did not know that. thanks for the info...oh and for making me feel stupid. ;) thanks for that too. did you have to say 'wrong' with three exclamation marks? did ya?

are you more offended by a man that cums within 2 minutes of you having sex or of a guy that doesn't get hard?

i'm not offended by either of these things...i am just as bummed as the dude is. for him and not myself. if a guy is a minute man in the sac i pat my punanny on the back, i know my kegels, my coochie crunches are working, and my nana is doing it's job. fellas who can't get it up...i just empathize with them. i have no idea what that's like, to be excited and have your body not respond the way it should must really suck...and the dick frustration that must come with the masculine self doubt must be agonizing.

tip: vaginal fitness i next to godliness.

how many tattoos piecrings do you have?

my ears are pierced. i'm unsure if that counts as 1 or 2. my nose is also pierced. i have 2 tatts... mos def, i want more. you hear that mos def, (i think you are hot) and i want more!!!

ever have sex with a famous person?

besides the hand of my future self. no. i've had my share of fun time...with band members in bands you don't know or care about. i've had a pretty hefty share of star sighting and meetings. i met dave chapelle in SF, i've hugged and exchanged numbers with godfrey, i've been on the maroon 5 tour bus, my good friend is buds with mickey. let's see...i've flirted with del the funky homosapien, tevin campbell signed a poster i had of him in seventh grade that some ass-bitch stole from my locker...i'm sure there are more...i hope there are more.

how many 3sums have you had?

i've had my fair share of these...i'm going to sort of plead the fifth and say a few...ah college...those were the days you could have three-way and go to a statistics class.

would you be offended if the man you dated admitted to sometimes sucking dick?

okay. again i would not be offended. honesty is the best policy, right? a part of me would be honored to be dating someone so open minded...a part of me would be afraid that he would succumb to another's guy's weiner at any time...that he'd have a weakness for the nice sausage that a handsome fellow would have to offer. the guy i'm dating and me, would have this mutual weakness or something. and i don't know why...but this question has given me a visual of me and one of my boyfriends literally fighting for cock. competing for the attention of dudes, which doesn't seem like a favorable place to be in any relationship. for some reason, being in this sort of relationship is unsettling to me at this point in my life.

i've dated bi-sexual men before...and oddly enough, as free as i claim to be and as open minded as i am their freedom struck a few ounces of fear in me. vagina is usually the sacred taste of the men i date, and if they needed to suck a dick every lunar month, i'm not sure if i could be 100 % down with that...I truly want to say it's the infidelity i have a problem boyfriend, cheating and then admitting it to me. but i'm sure our mutual attraction for wiener would bother me some too. i'm just being honest.

however, let's say i have a bi-sexual guy friend who is guilty of dating someone and cheating on them by sucking d with his spare time, i would want to hear every delicious detail...that's just who i am. your question has me torn...i may have to come back to it, or wait until it happens to me again to really have a terriffic answer for you.

Explain to me what women want because i am struggling out here. women say they want these things so...why am I alone? By the way I am a 41 year old, attractive man, who is loving and caring.

i know it's hard out here.
women want the following:

i have no idea.
all i know is what i want... a pleasant odd duck, somebody kind of attractive, taller than me, nice, caring, creative, intellectual, loving, understanding, openminded, hard working in their own way...
that's all i can think of right now.
hang in there and be honest to yourself about what you are, who you are and what you want, and keep the faith...i'm sure you'll find what you are looking for...
hope this helps.