Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Sunday Q.

What is the human existential condition?

to me and many others, the human existential condition, is stress. the stress that is laid upon us for simply being human. no one is satisfied anymore having nothing, when we lose what we have we freak out, when we should be happy to have one less thing to worry about. i personally would like to have less so my personal existential condition will be filled with less anxiety and more freedom, which is what are human existential condition should be. phew. my brain hurts. thanks for making me really think on that one. i needed that.

How does the human existential condition span time and space, race and gender?

as long as there are humans there will be stress, anxiety and despair, it is our way, no matter what time we are in, no matter what space we occupy, no matter what race and gender we are. some times, some spaces, some races and genders do have more stress, anxiety and despair. this is the only way i can answer this question at this time.

How can cyber messages (such as this) ameliorate the human existential condition?

the tender love and care of another human, who can identify and help, (such as me) can assist in fading those feelings of stress, anxiety and despair, so keep the the cyber messages a comin'.

how much do you believe in dreams ?

a lot. when i was younger my superstituous mother would make us take mental note of what we dreamed about. She used to tell us if we dreamed of blood or our teeth falling out that somebody close to us may die and crazy crap like that. so i've always been interested in what i've dreamed about, especially considering my dreams, I dream realistic, far fetched dreams every night. But do i believe in the superstitious shit my mom used to tell us, no. if i dream of blood or my teeth falling out now, i know my subconscious is just shaken up by stress (a.k.a. the human existential condition) or my own immortality. but i am always hopeful of a good dream as we all should be. dreams keep us aiming for what is beyond and above us, they keep us pushing to sky, and shooting past the stars.

What is your take on friends with benefits? Immoral? Fun? Plain wrong?

friends with benefits...not immoral, fun if done right. i think it can work as long as both people are on the same page. for me can't work...i get to emotionally invested and always want more.

I have been the cause of a few broken hearts.

i too would be the breaker of hearts, rather than the owner.

When ladies are getting eaten out do they prefer the tongue inside of them or just having their clit sucked on?

every woman is gentle and try for both places.

I want to start a pious foundation for my future, buy can't find the right woman. Where should I look?

concerts, coffee shops, grocery stores, women are every where, you just have to come up to us, a lot of us actually and i'm sure you'll find the right one.

What the hell are we doing on blogger? You need to be on the radio.

thanks love.

How can you know who can be counted on and who cannot?

you gotta put yourself and them out on a limb, and just count on them. When they let you down or flake then you know.

If a train leaves Chicago at 6:38 - nevermind!

how long will you indulge me in this?

as long as you have (good) questions.

do you have all of your teeth?

yes...all of them, ironically except for my wisdom teeth.

Do you believe that the tooth fairy still possesses some of my teeth?

yes. she uses some of them as currency.

has anyone else ever asked you about your teeth?

no...honestly, no one ever has.

has anyone else ever asked you about my teeth?

no...honestly, no one ever has. honestly.

What color socks do you think I should wear next Thursday and why?

lime green. just because.

If we went to a movie together would you expect me to pay?

sadly yes. i'm as broke as a joke currently.

What would you want to see?

whatever indie flick is out. i'm a fan.

Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask you?

no go for it. Never feel alone, ask away.

Who is your favorite poet?

hands down. Charles Bukowski!!!


Can you tell me what the understanding or meaning of the
phrase "Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies." is?
Would it mean someone does not want to tell you about
something you are asking?

It could easily pertain to that. It means, as long as my mouth is shut, it remains shut and no lies are able to come out.

Now I like the phrase "Speak ! -- so that I might see you."
Something like you can often tell more about a person
by their questions rather than their answers.

I think this question and answer thing can be very
telling -- even exciting -- and far more fun than you
might expect.

So let the flowering moments of your mind drop
their petals in speech -- be it answers or questions
or anything at all. Two mouths are better than one.


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