Sunday, April 12, 2009

usually out on a limb

What is your take on hate, and why? I always been fascinated by that. If anything, I don't believe that hate exists. Hate to me is just another part of love (only in darker, more cynical terms). Well, tell me what you think?

i think you hit the nail right on the head. 'you hate me because you ain't me is,' is a great way to understand intolerance. often people hate what they don't understand, from their ignorance, they hate things or people they can't pinpoint. sometimes people hate because they secretly want to be what they hate, homophobes for instance do that.

tip !: accept your intolerance, remain ignorant. so don't do it.

How do you know if a woman likes you are wants you to go the hell away? For example.. was at a party. girl and I were chatting, great conversation. Then she just bailed out. I heard later she wanted me to ask her out. Totally confused me.

okay...she wanted you to ask her out, but she had to bail, doesn't mean she wasn't feeling you the whole time. this has happened to me a million times, i've been at a club or at party vibing hard with a fella and then i have to bail, i drove with friends and i'm on their clock, or i have to get up early the next day, and i wonder as we are leaving why didn't that fella ask me out, i was like throwing myself at him. so my advice to you, is if you are vibing or feeling a lady, ask her out, then you'll know for sure if she wants you or wants you to go the hell away.

Sex question. I have been having dreams about giving hand jobs to guys. What the hell is that.. Am I gay?

you're not gay, your just having kind of a gay dream which is practically normal and between me and you and the world, it's a blast. why not live out your deepest, darkest, secret desires via your subconscious.

tip !: dream it up!!!

Hi, I do have a question that I'd like a woman's opinion about. I've recently started looking for and ABF/ANR relationship. Not as lovers or committed relationship just a friend that may enjoy nursing an adult man, either lactating or wishing to induce lactation. I've received a few answers from ads I've put in, joined a couple of ABF/ANR yahoo groups and such but so far no one that has answered seems real or serious.

So, my question to you... In your experience have you known many, or any women that would enjoy such a relationship? Just friends, but they enjoy the intimacy of nursing someone whether dry or trying to induce lactation?

I should mention I'm older, (fifties) married, good shape for my age, not interested in intercourse, just the intimacy of breastfeeding and suckling breast milk

I'm curious to know what a woman feels about this type of situation.


thank you for elaborating on what a a.b.f./a.n.r. is. i googled it and all i could find was: arkansas baptist foundation and american bar foundation/ affidavit (for) no records and americans (for) nonsmoker's rights, which are so not the right acronyms.

I'm gonna be so honest with you. I have never known a person first hand who has been into adult nursing. But I say to each their own...

i'm not sure how i'd feel about nursing a man who wasn't my man. so that might be your issue. it's such an intimate act to request of a woman who isn't yours. now you said you were married...what's wrong with testing out nursing on the good ol' wifey. who knows she might be down and it might be something to bring you two closer together, since it's evident that you are so straying. If that doesn't work keep looking elsewhere i'm sure you'll find somebody who's down. but I would mos def start that search in your bedroom. maybe your wifey is into some kinky shit too, this could open up a new dialogue and get things pumping at home again.

It starts with the word cheat. Look I don't know you but i think it makes sense to ask you. I been married 14 years and its come to the point where i find myself wanting to cheat. I don't have those strong feelings for my wife anymore. Is it wrong for me to feel this way. I'm lusting for someone new. Should I go through with it. I just want to taste the a new woman and hold her for one night will it be wrong are should I not do it. Please let me know.

well this decision is really up to you. sounds like you feel like every married person in america. i think you should talk to your wife about it. ask her if she feels like straying too. perhaps the two of you can do what my married friends did, and come to an agreement, make a deal, one night, you can have another lover. then everything is even and you can both equally get yours without too much pain or guilt. just an idea. hate for you to live your life man, and feel like you are missing out, because that would suck.

Do women really like performing oral sex, or are they just saying so because they know we love it?

here is me going out on a limb. i'm going to say yes, some women do enjoy it. satisfying a wiener with your mouth is hard work. satisfying anything with your mouth is hard work, so for the women out there who are just humoring dudes and doing it and secretly hating it i feel for you and between me and you and again everyone else, i understand your pain, especially when you are with a cat who likes to take his time. we all know we have to give to i'm sure there are a lot of women who do it because they want to be next and because their fella loves it.

What's the difference between a cute guy and a hot guy?

a cute guy is someone i want to kiss, and a hot guy is a guy i want to kiss me. cute is approachable, hot is not so approachable, practically intimidatingly handsome. hope that helps.


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