Tuesday, January 20, 2009

obama and vaginal fitness are next to godliness...there i said it. you knew that already though.

What is the man's name who is known for ending the civil war ?

The war ended when Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant signed their surrender terms. Two men ended the war...

Wrong !!! After the signing of that surrender, Ulysses S. Grant asked 1 of his officers to go out of the tent and order the cease fire. Maj Macron from Paterson NJ was that person, and is credited for being the man that ended the civil war.

damn, i did not know that. thanks for the info...oh and for making me feel stupid. ;) thanks for that too. did you have to say 'wrong' with three exclamation marks? did ya?

are you more offended by a man that cums within 2 minutes of you having sex or of a guy that doesn't get hard?

i'm not offended by either of these things...i am just as bummed as the dude is. for him and not myself. if a guy is a minute man in the sac i pat my punanny on the back, i know my kegels, my coochie crunches are working, and my nana is doing it's job. fellas who can't get it up...i just empathize with them. i have no idea what that's like, to be excited and have your body not respond the way it should must really suck...and the dick frustration that must come with the masculine self doubt must be agonizing.

tip: vaginal fitness i next to godliness.

how many tattoos piecrings do you have?

my ears are pierced. i'm unsure if that counts as 1 or 2. my nose is also pierced. i have 2 tatts... mos def, i want more. you hear that mos def, (i think you are hot) and i want more!!!

ever have sex with a famous person?

besides the hand of my future self. no. i've had my share of fun time...with band members in bands you don't know or care about. i've had a pretty hefty share of star sighting and meetings. i met dave chapelle in SF, i've hugged and exchanged numbers with godfrey, i've been on the maroon 5 tour bus, my good friend is buds with mickey. let's see...i've flirted with del the funky homosapien, tevin campbell signed a poster i had of him in seventh grade that some ass-bitch stole from my locker...i'm sure there are more...i hope there are more.

how many 3sums have you had?

i've had my fair share of these...i'm going to sort of plead the fifth and say a few...ah college...those were the days you could have three-way and go to a statistics class.

would you be offended if the man you dated admitted to sometimes sucking dick?

okay. again i would not be offended. honesty is the best policy, right? a part of me would be honored to be dating someone so open minded...a part of me would be afraid that he would succumb to another's guy's weiner at any time...that he'd have a weakness for the nice sausage that a handsome fellow would have to offer. the guy i'm dating and me, would have this mutual weakness or something. and i don't know why...but this question has given me a visual of me and one of my boyfriends literally fighting for cock. competing for the attention of dudes, which doesn't seem like a favorable place to be in any relationship. for some reason, being in this sort of relationship is unsettling to me at this point in my life.

i've dated bi-sexual men before...and oddly enough, as free as i claim to be and as open minded as i am their freedom struck a few ounces of fear in me. vagina is usually the sacred taste of the men i date, and if they needed to suck a dick every lunar month, i'm not sure if i could be 100 % down with that...I truly want to say it's the infidelity i have a problem with...my boyfriend, cheating and then admitting it to me. but i'm sure our mutual attraction for wiener would bother me some too. i'm just being honest.

however, let's say i have a bi-sexual guy friend who is guilty of dating someone and cheating on them by sucking d with his spare time, i would want to hear every delicious detail...that's just who i am. your question has me torn...i may have to come back to it, or wait until it happens to me again to really have a terriffic answer for you.

Explain to me what women want because i am struggling out here. women say they want these things so...why am I alone? By the way I am a 41 year old, attractive man, who is loving and caring.

i know it's hard out here.
women want the following:

i have no idea.
all i know is what i want... a pleasant odd duck, somebody kind of attractive, taller than me, nice, caring, creative, intellectual, loving, understanding, openminded, hard working in their own way...
that's all i can think of right now.
hang in there and be honest to yourself about what you are, who you are and what you want, and keep the faith...i'm sure you'll find what you are looking for...
hope this helps.


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