Thursday, January 22, 2009

somebody just called me: Little Miss Knows Alot

So, Little Miss Knows Alot: If it's your first night a fight club, what do you have to do?

you have to friggin' fight. i'm paraphrasing.

Do people really like walks on the beach? Always been my experience that its too windy.. Usually cold.. Sand in the shoes.. and you always seem too come home with a pocket full of shells that you never use for anything ( if you manage too remember them before they hit the washer)...

you are a shell snagger too. i think the concept of a walk on the beach is lovely. without the sand and wasted sea shells. with all that aside nothing puts everything in perspective like a walk on the beach. nothing clears my head like a few hours with ocean.

why are people soo fake nowdays? my input... they try too be like everyone else.. but yet try too be unique... cant have both...

people are fake because being real is so hard. it's not so easy to just be yourself...when you don't know who you are. i think a lot of people haven't figured out their interiors...yet. it's simple to just fall in line, and act how you think people think you should.

the hardest thing for me to do in my life besides realizing who i really am was to own it. own myself and just rock that despite whatever anyone thinks. and somehow i've been blessed enough to have people in my life who real get me and honor that value.

what are chemtrails? and why do they spray them over populated areas?

chemtrails are bio-agents, toxic chemicals that are sprayed on us at high altitudes by big government...the purpose of why they spray us is undisclosed.

here is my conspiracy theory: i think they (big governement) spray us, especially over populated areas, to keep us sick...the common cold, cancer, asthma, erectile dysfunction. we keep the medical industry booming through our illness, which keeps the economy going. so in some odd way they think they are helping us. meanwhile we don't know how or why we get sick.

also the chemtrails, are a visual banner of what they represent: they are powerful, we are powerless. controlling us by doing whatever they want, from above...and there is not a damn thing we can do about.

where do you see the world in 20 years? my answer.... ask a kindergarten teacher...

right now the future is so uncertain, so i don't see much. i hope we have flying cars by then. we better fucking have them by then, or i will be totally be pissed.

i'd like to see a euphoric world, somewhere in between burning man and a yogi style culture. i hope i can still get a burger. i want to see a free, om-like world, where we don't worship celebritites so hard. where peace and love is everyone's virtue. the world john lennon and yoko wanted. i hope the air is still good, i hope our earth is still green and spacious. i hope there is still hope. i hope.

Why are your lips so pretty and juicy?

thanks for the complement. appreciate it!!! i inherited them from my ma and pa. they both have some dynamite lip coolers as well.

tip: when you are brushing your teeth, use your tooothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips. it makes them smooth, juicier and it gives them a darling, blushed, i-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle look.

Q1: Ever gone rock climbing?


Q2: Ever been interested in rock climbing?

yes. very.

Seriously why do they make pot hole covers round?

not sure. i guess anyone can ease themselves into a round hole easier than a square hole or a triangle hole. did you just read that as?.......hope is nowhere or hope is now here!?

i read it as: hope is no where.

i hope that doesn't mean i'm like a natural pessimist or something. honestly the glass is half full...sometimes.

What designers clothes best fit your sense of style?

the thrift shop and american aparrel...sometimes i'll buy an occassional sweater at the gap or H & M...simple and vintage taste.

What is the best prop/gum/pill/sex/etc that you can use to quote smoking? I am on about 10 days now, but I do take chantix I have not smoked. This is not a magical pill that makes you instantly not addicted...just helps. Lately, I have been exercising a lot (every day) to reduce the quitting stress. Anyway just wanted your experienced thoughts.

I think sex, exercising and a fag (cigarette) journal are you best bets to kicking your happy. i also think weening yourself off is also a good route. that's how i quit years ago. i'd document in the journal how many fags i smoked, note my progress...get out all of my cravings thoughts out of my system out, one word at a time, one day at a time. i think you are taking the correct routes.

This is kind of an odd question but I seem so get weird responses from various females. Do women not like anal sex, or does it depend on the size of the penis being used? The signals are mixed. The ones who claim they would never try it seem to be the most against it. I guess I do not understand that. I just want a female's perspective on the issue.

here is my perspective on anal. every woman is different. feel every woman with the concept if you guys have a trusting, open minded relationship, you should be able to try anything. the world is yours.

size matters especially. for anal...ironically the smaller the better. lots of lube is important, but not as important as the trust of the people doing the analizing. (get it? like analyzing but...okay whatever...) most women won't say they do it...there is like a big fat slut-stigma attached to enjoying it, even if you only get it up the butt every other leap year.


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