Friday, January 16, 2009

to each their own

I'm a 29 year old attractive, intelligent, musician with a curiousity about playing in diapers. It sounds strange, but hey, everything is and life is too short to start getting hung up about things. So, I've decided that it would be nice to meet a girl who likes to listen to music, look at all the pretty things in the world, run around on adventures, and have some diaper fun. I figure that there must be someone out there who is actually cool and has an interest in diapers. I guess my question is - Do you think I'll be successful in this endeavor? and what do you think are my best avenues for success? random pick-ups? internet?

too each their own. and i'm sure in this beautiful world a gal like that does exist...i think the internet is your best bet, check out the craigslist, casual encounters department. you maybe pleasantly surprised. perhaps, a pick up at a sex club would be a good place too, a place where there are an abundance of sexually open minded people around, a place where you can come out and be honest about your curiousty. try casbar, it's a sex club in brooklyn. i would check that place out. good luck out there and be safe.

Do girls like the way silky pantyhose feel on their legs. I have always been drawn to a women's sexy legs in a pair of silky pantyhose. I love to pamper silky feet, do you or women in general like to get foot massages?

a friend of mine hated feet. she hated her own feet being touched or rubbed by anyone's hands that weren't hers. she is the only woman i know who is like this. so...yeah, i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, i think most women enjoy foot massages. the one's who don't probably enjoy some other type of massage. PANTYHOSE ROCK. they do wonders for legs, and hips and tummy pooches. just thought i'd give them a shot out. i don't wear them as much anymore...i should though.

Aren't we more bottled up the older we get?

i agree...i feel that i am getting more introverted the older i get...and it's become like a duty of mine to make sure i stay in tune with what is sexy so i won't fall behind the times. what i'd really like to do is care less about everything the older i get...this is my goal.

Does a woman know within less then five minutes of meeting a guy know that she's gonna fuck him?

yes. sometimes. in my case, i'm attracted to a guy, but i have no idea he is into me until we are kissing or something, but right off the bat i know if a guy is boneable. oh, and then once every blue moon there are the men that i am not-so-attracted to that become boneable over time, close friends, a roommate, a frumpy dumpy co-worker with dope tatts, the guy at Starbucks who knows how to make my latte, and then wa-la, i want to bone him too...once in a blue moon though.

Thanks for the insight & advise to my problems, on the questions I asked you last week. It was refreshing hearing such a straight point of view from a total stranger.

Whats your bra size? height? weight? wildest sex experience?if you were dating somebody and they made racially derogatory or sexually derogatory remarks on a regular basis,would you continue seeing them?

36d. 5'6 and a half. 1*5. my goal weight is actually 1*5. throwing pudding on people that were getting it on at a dinner ecstasy party i went to. no, i could not be down with somebody who made derogatory remarks on a regular basis. i don't care if they were sexual or racial. ok, maybe i would if the guy was really hot and everything in our relationship was really terrific and the derogatory remarks were funny. He'd have to be one funny motherfucker though, like Richard Pryor funny... okay maybe i wouldn't. i'm not sure now. i did, date a guy who wanted to yell "black pussy" every time we boned, he was white of course, and was just really excited, which he should have been, to get it in, but nevertheless, this fella had like sexual turiotz syndrome or something. anyways, i tolerated this because i knew he meant me no real harm...and everything else in relationship was fantastic in that time...and i knew in his heart that he wasn't really racist, he had bigoty tendencies that reared their ugly head from time to time, and that was all. and i knew he would be with me if he was really a racist bigot who wanted to sexualize me. besides, whenever i eat "chocolate cake," i say the words "chocolate cake" what does that make me... just an excited chocolate cake lover that's all...that's all... i hope my rant helps in some odd way shape or form.

Q: When can our first date be over so I can kiss those amazing lips ?

so cool...i'm having a self conscious day, and a question like this...being sexualized by a stranger makes it all better. society has made me this way.

What makes the night so interesting?

the loss of light, blanketed restlessness, the possiblity of tomorrow.

I know my story. I want to know the first time you cheated on your boyfriend. You knew it was wrong, but it was a fantasy come true.

the first time i cheated on my boyfriend or on anyone, was in high school. found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with someone i had gone to camp with. fucken asshole. so his friend who had also fancied me at the time, who also had the best abs i had ever seen and was rocking the sensitive jock persona, stopped by my house. i didn't even know he knew where i lived, but there he was, knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door. i let him in. he was there to snitch on his buddy, told me all about my boyfriend cheating on me. he told me, "if you were my girl, I would never treat you like that....blah, blah, blah..." he consoled me as we watched a jim carrey movie and made out. i got dry humped with ace ventura: pet detective in the back ground. it felt wonderful. revenge. my first taste. dry humping and revenge, who knew they'd go so well together. and that was that...i was like thrust into womanhood through that betrayal. my boyfriend's betrayal, and dry humping. i ended up dumping my boyfriend, going with the friend...the friend was a jehovah's witness and wanted to take me to the hall with all of our spare time, and when he told me he couldn't come to my birthday party because he was witness and that i wore too much make up, (which i did) i was done. also he had an ass that was doughier than mine. how does that happen he had a wonderful body, a swimmer's physique with a doughy ass. ah...high school, can it be it was all so simple then.

Q: How do you make a tuna salad sandwich most memorable?

dried or fresh cranberries.

Do you have both eyes? ;)

yes, i most certainly do.

What is the most beautiful thing you saw or heard today?

i listened to pharoah's dance today by miles davis. that song...that song, it moves me so much...i feel like that if my brain or soul were audible it would sound would be that song. also my nephew who just turned six told me he missed, loved me, and grabbed my face and kissed me and asked me to play army men with him. all so randomnly beautiful.

So here's my question: tell me if I'm just a strange guy, a huge asshole or just dumb. People think that I'm an asshole because I moved from Amsterdamn to NYC without having a job and leaving my girlfriend and family behind me. Why ? Yeah, there's no specific reason. I was just bored, in need of some change. So now that I have a job I miss having a girfriend, but hey , I cannot go back without having a job. Economy is so bad. I'm so stupid. Thanks for reading.

no, thank you for reading. i don't think you are dumb, or strange, but i do think you are a huge asshole. just kidding. i know what it's like to need a change, at the end of the day only you know what is best for you. you left there, leaving your family, your girl, and everything familiar behind for a reason, you've made this leap for a reason. so, even though you feel foolish now...just give it some time.

i also notice you said you "miss[ed] having a girlfriend", not "i miss my girlfriend."
which says can always find another one of go out and explore this fine city you leapt too so blindly...enjoy your findings!

Have you ever been in madly in love in a long term relationship?

yes. yes. the things i am most ashamed of have been done in the name of love. sadly, joyfully in the name of love.

sunday Q: favorite movie?

taxi driver.
i love sensible senseless violence, nothing beats that in a movie. and robert deniro is my first man crush, just saw for the first time in a long time recently.

my life in general sucks..watta u make of it?

i'm sorry you feel this way. i've totally been there.
life is what you make of it.
as my great aunt used to say whenever any of us felt down...
"go outside and let the wind blow on you."
do this, chill around the city and reflect and see if that helps.

Q: Can a guy and a girl really just be friends?

yes...if they are both really done with the relationship and content in their current lives. sometimes couples, even when they are done, they have unfinished business, which will always remain unfinished. and you can't put a band aid on chemistry, you either have it or you don't, somtimes it fizzles sometimes it won't. poet and didn't even know it. damn.

Q: When do you stop trying to go to sleep and just go for pancakes?

just before the sun comes up...

Q: Do you know what cop stands for?

i don't of practice?

Why do people need other people?

we just do boo....
we just do!
don't fight it.

I wish you were true . I wish you exist . I wish you want to marry . I wish you want to have family, babies and spent time with me and them every day , every night . I wish you were here , part of this dream world where I wait for you every day . I wish life was so easy that I will just find you one day , I wish every tears I dropped in waiting was not lost in the end , I wish every every breath that I take was in your memory , I wish you were part of my life, so that I spend my life trying to prove to you that you deserve all the happiness the world has to offer , I wish , I wish , I wish .

Q--I guess what I want to ask you about is what do African-American women see when they look at an Irish-American like me? I mean, I get this feeling like I'm invisible--I can never elicit a look or a smile let alone an exchange or a conversation because of some huge cultural gap.

We are thinking "ah, how cute, an irish-american dude is staring at me." we, the blacks, the african americans, the brownies, the carmels, or whatever, are a very forward people, we respond to forwardness go up to one of those ladies and try just striking up a convo. i assure you the reason the other ones who aren't responding are not the right gals for you anyway...keep trying. it's not like there are some set cultural gap between the races...i'm sure not every irish american girl you look at is throwing her panties at you.
keeping trying with the AA ladies...i assure you'll find one who will want to be on your team.

what's the first rule of fight club?

you do not talk about fight club.


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