Saturday, March 21, 2009

wolves and sheeps

Love you Sunday Q. You're scary-smart... and that's a tremendous compliment because you mix in such a calm sensuality. I love to kiss.... Do you ever rent out your lips?

thank you love. that'll be a no.

Do you think a NSA (No Strings Attached) relationship outside of marriage is impossible while still maintaining the foundation of the marriage?

i think it can work if you are honest with your spouse. she has to be down with this whole idea too. You can't leave her out of something that is affecting her shit. you are putting her 'gina, her health, mental and physical, in jeopardy. i think lying to your loved one, keeping secrets is the quickest way to end any kind of relationship. trust is everything. trust is all we have. if she's in, then only then can it possibly work. she might want a little NSA action on the side too, she may want to have the opportunity to have some extra frosting on her cake, if you know what i mean. so, give your misses the option to get some different butter on her bread too. her getting some can also help this situation succeed.

and if she is down, marry this woman, wait, unless you are already married to her, then keep her, hold it down with this ball and chain, she is magnificently understanding and experimental, which is an odd lovely mix that is very hard to find, out here in this world of selfish close-minded wolves. if she is that kind of broad, and she is allowed to get hers as well, than your NSA outside relationship might actually strengthen your marriage.

tip !: if she's not down, she's not down!

Do you like dark, handsome, strong, muscular, beautifully endowed Italian men?

yes please, who ever doesn't, is a lie a damn lie!

OK... what are next weeks lucky lotto numbers?

12, 24, 29, 36, 41, mega number: 8

(disclaimer: if anyone ever wins from these numbers from this date forth, they are legally obligated to throw 1 million dollars my way.)

Why are most women materialistic?

not me. other women are materialistic because that is what they are spoon fed at home, from parents, music videos, puffy and the beckHams. that bitch bar-bie and her lousy physical dimensions, and her pink dream house and her pink corvette and her also pink accessory, gay husband ken, has all taught us nothing and everything about today and tomorrow's society. we are taught, instilled from a very young age, this is 'shit is what we need to be happy', then women seek it out through titty implants and your pocketbook. simple.

We, women are just trying to get like the ex girl. Be better than the ex-girl. it gets expensive for a girl to keep up. i'm sure fellas out there feel the strain in their own (materialistic) way. we are just vibing with what the universe gives us, and with what we've learned. what's your excuse? dudes created this whole system for us to configure ourselves in.

why do nice guy's finish last?

nice guys don't take the same chances that bold assholes do. bold assholes created bungee jumping and energy drinks that taste like bad coffee. they keep girls gone wild commercials on the air during adult swim. i'm sorry guy, who can compete with fearless, horny, cocky, suck-cessful, sometimes good looking, good lucking, caffeinated jerk offs. nobody. that's who.

unfortunately we have also been brain washed that some of that shit is sexy. Thank you mr. mcconaughey. thank you.

why do assholes always get the pretty girls?

please see above response, my love.

why does a pretty girl never give a normal guy the time of day?

i do. here is the truth though homie. some of you are just as douchy. you have your baggage matching us pound for pound and you want more than we can give. martha stewart in heather hunter's body, a feat unaccomplished by both of those strong powerhouse bunnies. lady in the streets, freaks in the bed. no such thing. streaks of what we really are bleed all over the place. the more you mask, the more you are what you are. the universe doesn't work that way. she'd never work in our favor in this way. then, us fair, sensible, sweet intelligent gals wonder, 'what the fuck is the difference?'

we realize, 'we can do better,' even though we can't, because romance isn't up to you, 85% percent of the time, you end up with who you are supposed to end up with, and instead of chin checking your fella with your observations, so he/you can grow, with the dream of you two trashing your baggage together, so you can actually grow together you dump his ass before he can do it to you.

is there really a difference than between, sheeps and wolves? we are all carbon based life forms at the end of the day, one thinks they are above, the other thinks it is below. one needs meat. one is meat. we all take turns being the victor, the victim. they both prey on each other in their own sick ways and with disgusting rituals. and who always ends up hopeful with the lesser of the two evils? me. this ex fella, this next fella does me just as dirty, uncontrollably, as if he didn't have a choice, doesn't matter if he's a good guy or bad guy. and i can't tell who is who anymore. who is what? sometimes i am the wolf. the starving, snarling wolf. tired of being the victim, tired of being a sheep. i become what i am not, purely for my own mental and physical survival/

all I can do is define what i want. redefine what i want. work on myself and throw that into the universe. i suggest you do the same my love. i say follow your gut, make your life as happy as a single ace card can and prepare yourself, be prepared for everything, especially the inevitable, because it's coming.

why is a man judged by what he wears?

please see the 'Why are most women materialistic?' answer, above. the doper he looks the more we think he'll take care of us dopely. Most women think this before, they think, 'he is conceited.' or 'he takes good care of himself.' it's seeded in our subconscious, with barb's pink corvette. just another way for saying we are all superficial. All trained.

most guys i know that have nice things really have nothing.... most guys who are ballers are really struggling, most guys who wine and dine categorize their women like if they were objects.......ok...just sitting here killing a lil time)

well there you are. literally and figuratively.

what's your favorite panty color please ;)

i'm a purist...could go with black or white all day, every day.

How is it that gay guys hook up like crazy on websites like Craig's List and OK Cupid...and every post those sights with girls wanting to hook up with dudes or date is a fake? Almost always sending me to another dating web site.

don't know man. you should sign up for a paid sites. there is way less of that in their 'pay to love' world. free sites, (i love them to death) are unfortunately filled to the brim with junk. how many times have i put ads on those sites you mentioned only to get real estate, penis enlargement links in my box? figuratively, not literally of course. it happens. part of the game. these games of our times.

if you are looking to just hook up homie, maybe you should occasionally switch lanes, teams, if you know what I mean. gays please show us how it's done...again. lead us.

have you ever been addicted to heroin? would you be willing to help my kick?

never been addicted to heroine. have this natural anxiety, this fear of needles. don't like to be 'out of control high' ever, no matter how beautiful or cleansing, the blue line euphoria of harsh drugs are. i want to help you kick this habit, that's all it is love, a habit that is just as beautiful, cleansing and euphoric to kick. i found this website for you:

it'll link you to free programs in your area. to be honest with you though some states have better programs than others. you may have to move to get the help you need and deserve.

keep me posted.

tip !: love yourself how you need to be loved and never go wrong.

tip !: can't spell heroine, without hero.

love you!!! you can do this!!! be my hero!

I actually had a couple of Qs for you.

I've had some self-esteem issues and self-confidence issues growing up. Of course, I used to be a bigger, fat, overly-creepy nice guy. But I made some changes. However, I'm always open to opinions. Do you think I'm a good-looking guy, in your opinion?(picture, i refuse to post, of a beefy adorable, shaved bald, hershey chocolate black guy with guns to the gun show biceps; worth dying for.)
I also live at home, which has been my reason for not seriously pursuing anyone in a relationship capacity. I work full-time and go to grad school part-time for my master's degree in electrical engineering. Do you think I should seriously hold off on dating or put myself out there and hope for the best, in your opinion?
By the way, cute pic! Love the lips. ;)

thanks darling. i think you are a dream man. a dream man. a diamond in the buff, a gem. come to mama. i think you should be out there. dive yourself into dating fields. define your taste so when you meet miss right, you'll now what to do with her in an assertive, respectful manner. you are yummy and you are over qualified to be anyone's man booming with terrific plus signs in all of your sweet fields. i think the only quality you are lacking in is confidence. lucky for you it is easy to score.

i too have lacked there, we all have and guess what you are going to do what i did to overcome your one negative trait. Fuck it til you make it. i mean, fake it til you make it. own who you are. you are delicious and go from there.

i think you are darling and a real woman could care less who you live with if she is really into you. as long as the fam is not over the top annoying or all in your business or something.

good luck....

i think you are catch!

tip!: rock it out! Cause if you don't no one will ever do it for you!

Why would a woman tell you she wants to take it slow but then dump you because you didn't kiss her on the first date? I have no problem being assertive but I was also raised to respect woman. So is she crazy or is this a trick that women use to mess with men and keep them on their toes?

no. this woman is a mess. i'm sure there are some crazy chapters missing from her crazy story. she doesn't know what she wants. i think kissing on the first date is pretty crucial. thank you mr. woody allen for this lesson in one of my favorite movies annie hall. i don't want to waste anyone's time, especially mine, and i always want to make sure that chemistry is present before heading off and wasting dough, lip gloss or hair styling ideas on date number two. I think we should all be getting to first base on date numero uno. You my friend should most definitely be doing the same, considering it sounds like you are the respectful fella who wants lip action on your inaugural date.

tip!: you set the rules too!

you're going dancing in the desert under the moon tonight, what will you be wearing?

this...(please see attached photo for this blog entry.)

barefoot of course

And do you like fast dances or slow dances?

both, depends on who i am dancing with and our strengths together as a dancing entity and what we are dancing to.

Hablas espanol? (Yo si.)

muy pequeno.

AND how did you get to be so wise?

lots of life experience. lots of laughs, jokes, clowns. lots of hurt, heart break, tears. lots of looking, absorbing. none of that in that order.

And what about this idea that we all create new families every where we go? What about that? Does that mean that you're my sister?

yes bro i'm yo sis. everywhere we go it is our duty as humans to create a sense of community. a sense of home. it's what we do.

I love curves. Love curves!

Me too Bro!! On the road. I have them, it is also a lovely establishment.

How often should one consult Tarot, I-Ching, & the Magic Eightball?

How ever many time one sees fit for guidance. Especially if any of those psychic channels proves itself worthy of working. Let it be known, a magic eight-ball never hurt anybody, it is my personal favorite.

Are you white or black? The one photo is a close up of a neck - pretty hot. The other is of a cute black chick dancing. Which one?

i'm noticing some slight bigotry on your part dude. and that's my artsy-farsty, hippy dippy side talking. the 'close up' of my neck/lip picture, has left my race unrecognizable. sort of the point. i'm pretty hot when you think I'm white, white chick with fat lips = hot. i am modestly attractive. cute. when you refer to me as the black chick dancing.

i am a light skinned black woman. red boned. thick. soft. athletic. curvy. dark and hard in spirit. i am beautiful in the most un-conceited way possible. we should all be so lucky. to be cultured, and ourselves and not lose ourselves. it's a hard mix. i look damn good in whatever skins i'm in.


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